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All payments made on this portal will be credited to your customer account to reduce outstanding debt.

On Campus Tuition Fee Pre-registration payments should be made using the eRegistration System.

Online Learning tuition fee payments for returning online study students should be made
using the eRegistration System.
Students new to Online learning at the University of Aberdeen should make payment by logging in below.

Print Budget Credits and Re-sit assessment payments should be made using the PrintManage System and Online Store respectively.

This portal allows customers with non UK payment cards to make payment in their local currency if their card provider supports Direct Currency Conversion. Alternatively, customers can pay in their local currency using the Western Union payment gateway.

Please select one of the following: StudentStaffHonoraryCustomer

Please enter Student ID/Staff ID/Honorary ID/Customer Number:

Student / Staff / Honorary ID is the (first) 8 digits of the number printed on your ID card, Customer Number is the 7 digit identifier referenced by the University.

Please enter Date of Birth (DD MON YYYY format):

Only Required for Students and Staff. Date of Birth is self-explanatory, entered in the DD MON YYYY format, e.g. 14 Feb 1974

Enter the details as requested above and then press the Validate Values button.

An error will be displayed for an incorrect entry. Once details are entered correctly the Name should be displayed for confirmation and the option to make a payment will be available.